Imbued with wide-ranging interests spanning languages, current affairs, politics, history, sport and literature, 17-year-old AS student Juliet Armstrong decided to stop wasting her summer holidays in 2013 and make manifest the machinations of her brain.

With no confinements of subject area or topic, articles kept short and formatted especially for the Great British Tea-Break (GBTB), this has somehow morphed into a commentary on the infiltration of politics into everyday life – inadvertently – which, I suppose, demonstrates its potency.

I’m currently studying German, Latin, Physics and History at AS level along with pianoforte and trombone, and a paused study of the euphonium and church organ. A student of analysis, I aspire to read German and Russian (ab initio) at university so as to combine the analysis of language, linguistics, history and literature in a language I’ve grown to love and one which intrigues me greatly.

Politically Conservative, Christian and unashamedly patriotic, I’m not saying that any of my views are ‘the’ correct ones; rather, my blog is a collection of my angle on life, a conglomerate of drips of consciousness. If you don’t agree with something I say, please respect the Human Rights Act before you comment – disagreement is natural, but oppression is not (I’m sure none of you lovely readers would even consider the latter).

I’m happy to answer any questions or discuss any of my posts via the comments here or via Facebook (Tea With Shortbread).


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