Diplomatic Mini-Golf

There you are, standing at the painted white spot, judging your swing so as to look skilled yet amateurish, hoping that this shot goes in, when yet again it bounces off the stone chicanes and you become even more over-par.

Approaching the hole, your mind immediately and almost subconsciously analyses the course your ball will (or should) traverse; the ramps, tunnels, chicanes and so on. The first few strikes of the club are perhaps a little tentative, certainly at the first few holes, and the hole-in-one you claim is impossible but secretly crave never comes on the easiest hole.

The Syria crisis currently enveloping practically all the world’s news rooms has been fairly similarly approached by the Western powers.

Repeated attempts by Western governments to justify military intervention resemble the amount of strikes taken on a particularly difficult hole. EU conventions, UN discussions, parliamentary debates in representative houses; all have ultimately proved to be chicanes in the way of the ‘golfers’. All benefits, risks and detriments must be fully comprehended before governments can commit militia and thereby seriously endanger lives, equipment and civilians, just as the mini-golfer must take his/her score and position into consideration before putting or chipping.

With the conclusions by Western security services that chemical weapons have been used, it only remains for each country to weigh up now seriously the possibility of the advent of foreign militia above (or possibly in) Syria. Just as, perhaps, the determination of the mini-golfer changes when s/he realises their opponents are several shots up on them.

And, like adverse wind speed, the constituent, media and political critics slow down the eagerness of some leaders to aid the rebels and inhibit the deployment of the chemical weapons. That’s democracy. Or nature.

Whether military intervention is right or not, whether the angle you try to strike the ball is the most efficient, it’s inevitable that a hole-in-one isn’t going to happen every time. It’s not easy. Despite the ostensible fun of the 18 holes, or the power of leadership, it’s a very serious game.


2 thoughts on “Diplomatic Mini-Golf

    1. Indeed! The revelations over the Mediterranean missile tests, which have transpired since the publication of this blog, hint that waking up to the news every day will be extremely interesting…

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