Can politicians be classed as dinosaurs?

A few years back, David Cameron caused a moral tornado when he labelled veteran Labour member Dennis Skinner as a dinosaur, following a swipe at his relations with the press.

Being both a poor comeback, which would have left him for dead on a comedy panel show, and ageist, Cameron’s comment does, however, inadvertently present an interesting theory. With the recent discovery of flight-prepared dinosaurs, evoking radical left-wing politicians, is it possible to link politicians with prehistoric perennials?

Let’s take the Prime Minister himself; Conservative, slightly right-wing and domineering over his coalition partners. That brings up connotations of an allosaurus – a lizard-hipped (saurischian), carnivorous archosaur, once “King of the Dinosaurs”. Fits in with Cameron as a Conservative who tastes progress but prefers past policy (lizard-hipped rather than flight-prepared bird-hipped); who isn’t afraid to slaughter those down the food chain when need be; emanates his slightly right-wing mindset and used to dominate PMQs before his opposition developed their present eloquence.

Only backbenchers could really be classed as raptors. Unlike larger carnivores such as allosaurus and tyrannosaurus, raptors work in packs to bring down their kill. Bird-hipped, quick and agile, they demonstrate many of the qualities required to bring down the political kill out of the intensive media pressure-zone.

Herbivores are best represented not by acidic MPs but by the bumbling contributors to the UK political scene. Using their singular weapons in defence rather than attack, some ankylosaurs of the political spectrum will inevitably be eaten by those who dodge the tail club and target the un-armoured underside when least expected.

Next time you listen to or watch a politician on the Today programme or Andrew Marr, think back to “Jurassic Park” and “Walking With Dinosaurs” and consider their dinosaurian equivalents.


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